About Anna Krupa

Thank you for visiting my Portfolio.

I'm full time freelance illustrator and artist working in ink, watercolour as well as gouache. Although my main areas are children and whimsical illustration, I'm always open to different styles and subjects.

With experience in working with publishing houses- as well as first time writers whether, whether you need just an illustrator, or also someone who would assist you in setting up your book together with text to make it ready for upload as e-book- I would be happy to help. 

In my work I always start with preliminary sketch first- based on the writer suggestions, so the final product is always up to the author expectations.

So if you like my style and you thing it could enrich your project, do not hesitate and contact me on: 


Hope to hear from you and excited about the opportunity for creating something great together!

Selection from published books I was ask to illustrate:

'We Love You' 2018 writer Lida Wyatt

What am I feeling II' 2018

'Grandpa, I love you' 2017 writer Lida Wyatt

'What am I feeling I' 2017 - International Book Award

'Grandma, I love You' 2017 writer Lida Wyatt

`Mummy I Love You` 2017 writer Lida Wyatt

'Baby Girl' 2016 writer Lida Wyatt

'Baby Boy' 2016 writer Lida Wyatt

`Daddy I Love You` - 2015 writer Lida Wyatt; awarded with Double Gold by Loved by Parents organization. I was responsible for creating illustrations as well as setting those up with text

'Tales of Tremendous Tragicide' 2014 cover and wrap sheet cover design

'The Humpety Bloww' 2014- children book- gouache & watercolour illustrations

'Tales or Rarl', part I, II and III 2013; poem illustrations

'Harry the Hamster goes to Venice' 2013 - children book about animals- illustrations done in ink

'Tales of Golden Warrior' 2012 - ink poem anthology

'Mimi and Marmi and the Black and White cat'  2011 cover design

'Kraska' magazine 2008-2010- plants & animals realistic illustrations

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